007 Escape Rooms

Her majesty's secret service..

Toy Store

Will you save the Toys….. Rumour has it, Locked in the test area of your local toy store are living toys who would like to return home. Are you brave enough to help them..

It's time to show you do have the spark...

A Wizard's World: Backdoor Entrance Exam - Open Now!

Earn your place at a world-class Magical Academy. Visit the Tree Broomsticks Inn where you will be put to the test to gain a backdoor scholarship.

Everyone can make mistakes, even Wizards, and our innkeeper knows this well when they were initially rejected as “non-magical”. After fighting hard to demonstrate their skills so many years ago, they now offer an opportunity for everyone to prove themselves with a series of magical trials. It’s not going to be easy, and no spells, potions or magical devices will be able to stop the time ticking down from 60 minutes. 

It's time to show you do have the spark...

Russian Recovery Mission - Open Now!

The year is 1985. Mikhail Gorbachev has just taken power of the biggest army in the world. The Cold War is still alive and well. As an act of ultimate defiance against England, Russia has managed to steal the last of England’s sacred Welsh Gold. Your MISSION, should you choose to ACCEPT it, is to assemble your best team of agents and go to mother Russia to retrieve the gold.

Our ground team will give you approximately 60 minutes to complete this mission. Good luck agent, the country's behind you...